This morning’s chapel was a special one. It started off normally, we sang a few songs and that’s about where everything changed. Ricky, our evangelist, took the mic from one of our band members and started talking about the 2008 World Series and how excited everyone was about that moment. He compared it to church and asked, “What if everyone at church was as excited as when the Phillies won the World Series?” Then he asked us the following questions: “With one word, what does God mean to you?”‘With three words, how would you describe God to someone?” and “With five words, what does your relationship with God look like?”

Some of the responses were as follows:

He always proves Himself true.
Salt and Light
Always been my closest buddy.

It was truly a powerful moment. Ricky closed by saying that the altar is always open. He told the story when he snuck onto the Camp’s grounds in the middle of winter and found that God was still here. A truly special moment took place in these past few hours. God was here and the Spirit moved.


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  1. I think that chapel was the highlight of my week. It was truly awesome hearing campers and staff sharing truths about who God is and what He has done.

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