The F.V.C. have a little pow-wow before their first game.

Today for lunch, we had pretzel rolls and it was good. I honestly don’t feel like I have to say much more than that and we’d all understand the gloriousness (apparently that’s a word) of it all. A mini foil fight broke out between Rich Dugan, Dave Hallahan and Geraldo Colon (possibly egged on by some campers) before it quickly escalated to a giant soccer ball, ketchup bottle and paper plate fight (also possibly egged on by some campers).

For planned recreation, we had a volleyball tournament with Geraldo’s Heroes, the Trident Spears and the F.V.C. (Flippin’ Volleyball Champs). We had a seeding round of 6 games at first with each team playing four. The Trident Spears went 4-0 in those games, Geraldo’s Heroes 2-2 and F.V.C 0-4. However, it was a brand new game once the elimination round began, as the two seeded Geraldo’s Heroes and the three seeded F.V.C faced off in the first round. One of the F.V.C. players exclaimed halfway through the match, “I can feel the winds of change blowing!,” as a nice breeze began to blow across the court. And they did blow, as the three seed knocked out the two seed in a stunning 21-18 upset, earning them their first victory of the tournament.

For the championship game, the F.V.C. took an early 6-1 lead but, the top-seeded Trident Spears came back to take the lead, 10-9. Eventually, the game was taken into ‘win by two’ overtime mode, as the game was tied 20-20. The Trident Spears scored two quick points against the battle-tested, yet weary, F.V.C to take the game, the tournament and the title until next year’s Teen Camp 1.

Before Chapel ended today, Ricky asked each person on the grounds to find a rock and to bring it to service tonight. He spoke about the woman, who was caught in adultery that they were going to stone in John 8. Ya see, the story goes like this. Those who were caught in the act of adultery were meant to be stoned and this woman had a crowd of people surrounding her, holding rocks, ready to hurl them at her. But, Jesus stepped in, defended her saying that to everyone holding a rock, “Let he who is without sin, throw the first stone.” The people dropped his or her rocks and walked away. So, we did the same thing and were challenged to forgive those who have wronged or harmed us. To quote Ricky, “Condemnation is not our business, forgiveness is our business.”

Your kids have been a blast this week. Thank you for allowing them to come!

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