20 thoughts on “Blog Madness – Championship

  1. I am a little confused. Are there no longer seedings? Are we just picking our two favorite from each group of four?

  2. I feel like Bible Smugglers was the popular game when I was a camper. Pirates has since become the 'top dog' for this age of campers.

    1. I remember playing both games as a camper. I can't recall which one was more popular though. I just remember Pirates being more fun for the staff members at the campers' expense than Bible Smugglers.

      1. I remember playing pirates and Buck was Matt Foley on a boat with the treasure [candy] and the boat tipped and the candy was drenched.

  3. Pirates always end ups getting boring after the first 20 minutes or so. It is a REALLY fun game, but the campers just start getting caught by pirates on purpose or they just walk around aimlessly. In Bible Smugglers, you get into the concept a lot more than while playing Pirates.

    1. I was never really a fan of the game as a camper and never participated in it as a staff member. When I was a camper, of few of us decided to turn the table on the overzealous staff and ambush them with water. They were not happy with us, and at the end, we ended up having to "walk the blank" at the dock. Before we got there though, we decided to tip our boat; much to the dismay of our underage staff member captor, Nick Zelinsky,

      1. hahaha yea I would always try to hide in the back of the woods by the Chapel in the Pines so that I wouldn't get caught.

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