As part of your daily devotions I want to encourage you to check out Leadership Network and Catalyst’s THE NINES.

The video project is the result of this question:

“If you had just nine minutes to share with church leaders, what would you say?”

This might not be something you do every day, but I encourage you as part of your spiritual discipline and devotions to take time (it is only nine minutes) to watch these leaders share their hearts with you. Maybe you do this for a season after Lent, or maybe you pick one day a week to watch a video, but no matter how you choose to do this, being exposed to this teaching will only encourage and benefit your ministry and leadership. And the great part about it – there is no reading required!

Reading all of these books on leadership can take a lot of time and is often tough to accomplish. Here you get the best teaching from these leaders in only a matter of minutes. That’s enough talking from me – start viewing these videos. You will find leaders like Rick Warren, Brad Powell, but for those who are United Methodist, I encourage you to also check out Jorge Acevado and Bill Easum. These are just two great UM leaders.

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