After Chapel today the campers had an afternoon of pure, unadulterated fun. The first activity was a GIANT inflatable bouncy waterslide. Each kid would run up the squishy steps, run under the waterfall and then slide all the way down to the bottom where there was a slippery water reserve. The kids took their turns well and when they got out of the bottom of the slide soaking wet not one of them wasn’t smiling.

After the slide they would run through a small obstacle course that featured hulu hoops, frisbree golf and kicking a soccer ball into a giant tire. All the kids were in their groups that they use for class time and had come up with some cute and creative names like ‘The Avengers’ and just plain ‘Jesus’ and they competed through these courses to see who would finish first. All the kids got their full turn but in the end, the Purple Panda’s came out on top!

The next game was a water balloon toss that the counselors helped assist in. They would pass a water balloon down a line (many kids got splashed) and the counselor at the end would pop it to try and fill up a drinking cup. One again the Purple Panda’s dominated this team sport.

I am not even kidding that there was actually more activities after all this. The next game involved wet toilet paper, some very willing counselors faces and a lot of kids with powerful throwing arms. I think you can guess how messy it got.

And finally the last challenge was so icky, that I even had a hard time taking pictures of it. It involved the kids passing down the line handfuls of pudding mixed with cheerios until they could fill at bowl. At that point, the counselor at the end of the line was supposed to eat the mixture. However, our funny leader thought it would be good if there was a little bit of seasoning added to the mix. It was actual squirmy worms! The kids faces were a mixture of glee and disgust (glee on the boys, disgust on the girls) as the counselors warily downed their snack.

We’ve had a greattttt day so far and it’s not even one yet. Stay tuned to the blog for a picture slideshow later this afternoon and there will be even more pictures and videos for all the parents to see tonight if they come to Parents night.

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  1. Thank you for your descriptive post, Rachel, it absolutely made my day. I am so excited to come tonight. Keep those photos coming! They make me feel so connected to all that is going on down there. God bless all of you for the great job you are doing.

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