Last night all the campers and staff enjoyed a luau night in celebration of our theme this week which is Passport to Paradise. The kids all received Hawaian leis when they walked up to the dining hall where all the staff was there already decked out in their Hawaian shirts and ocassionally hula skirts. We all then had a delicious community dinner on tables set outside of the dining hall and got to enjoy little decorations like accordion pineapples on our straws and bright toucans as our centerpiece.

This was all right before Parents Night, a night when parents are invited to come join our evening service and have refreshments after. From what I understand, there were a few homesick boys and girls who all decided to stay at camp even though they got to spend some quality time with their parents last night. I’m sure all of you who attended were dragged around last night to look at everything the kids have been doing.

3 thoughts on “Luau Party

  1. It was so much fun attending family night last night. All the counselors and directors were so friendly. Nice to hear that Noel is enjoying camp and behaving nicely. I hope to see the water slide pictures if you are able to add them to the blog. It’s so thoughtful of you to keep the families up to date on the fun goings-on at Delanco. Noel has already said she wants to come back next year and I’m so glad.

    1. Glad you’re enjoying the coverage. There’s been a few snags with uploading photos – Rachel is using internet that is the equivalent of what you get on a smartphone – but she’ll get them up as soon as she is able.

  2. My husband was happily dragged around, and even though he had to get up for work Turnsday morning at 3:00 am, he still said it was worth the trip up to see our daugther (who is attending for the 2nd time) and her 2 girl friends from school who are attending for the 1st time. Great work everyone!

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