While all four No. 1 seeds have not been eliminated like they have been in the big basketball tournament, two were knocked off in surprising fashion in the Elite 8 of our Battle of the Camp Shirts.

Wompus, the favorite to win it all, was outlasted by plucky upstart You Can’t Do That on Television and Duck Duck Wham was upended by the New Logo Shirts (props to Bryce Hogan, the shirt and logo designer).

Despite some controversy votes that forced the match-up into overtime, What’s Your Story’s storybook run finally came to an end when a tie-break went to sentimental favorite Delanco Camp 1994. The tie, according to Blog Madness rules, goes to the higher seed. The controversy came in the form of some complaints similar to the ones lodged against Turtle? in that shirts impressive run as a double-digit seed to the sweet 16. More people cast votes in the match-up than the others, but as in the case before there is no rule against participants only voting in one match-up.

Which brings us now to the Final Four. Classic Yellow, You Can’t Do That On Television, New Logo Shirts and Delanco Camp 1994. Who will make it to the finals? You get to decide today through Thursday at noon. Click HERE to vote.

3 thoughts on “Blog Madness Final Four

  1. The Duck Duck Wham shirt is great, although I love the new logo shirt (might have to buy one!). Tough call between that and the Delanco ’94 shirt that I own and love! I hope I didn’t cause any controversy with that shirt! lol I did remind people, who I know love that shirt too, to vote. 😛

    1. No worries, Ivy. The controversy is all in jest. Thanks for voting and getting others on board. It’s been a fun trip down memory lane with all of these shirts.

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