And then there were eight. The most talked about match-up in the Round of 16 didn’t propel a double-digit seed into the Elite 8 but it did produce the lowest seed still alive, sixth-seeded What’s Your Story? from last summer’s Camp Meeting youth program. What’s Your Story? narrowly defeated Turtle?, ending an impressive run for the only shirt in the competition that wasn’t an official shirt for Delanco Camp or a specific camp or retreat. Turtle? was like the VCU of this tournament and deserves a lot of credit for hanging so long as double-digit seeds dropped like flies to higher seeded foes.

While the earlier rounds were marked by upsets and double-digit advances, the Elite 8 is going to be a battle of top seeds attempting to answer the question of whether nostalgia and tradition will sway voters over graphic design. If not for nostalgia, it’s hard to imagine Delanco Camp 1994 or the Classic Yellow shirt having much of a chance. For fans of the Butlers and BYUs of the world, What’s Your Story? is your ticket to upending the reign of the one seeds.

Still, I’d say the dark horse in the tournament is still Dirty Clothes, Clean Hearts. It might just end up being the last hope for a specific camp theme shirt to win it since You Can’t Do That On Television is facing the powerful Wompus and What’s Your Story? has the sentimental favorite shirt from camp in 1994 with which to contend. The other match-up is an intriguing one, pitting the popular Duck Duck Wham against the somewhat unproven new logo shirts.

Last year’s Battle of the Night Games saw three number ones and a number two seed advance to the final four. Will this year be a repeat or will we end up with a battle of ones?

Click HERE to vote and decide. Voting ends at midnight on Sunday, March 27.

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  1. now Jon is cheating ;). “His” category has 4 more votes than any other category.

    haha cant help it.

    Come on people! How can you vote for “Cant do that on Television” over “Wompus”????

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