Daddy would be so proud of his swing.
So last night, as you know, our night game was the superhero game. This, of course, led to a lot of “mistaken identities” today. Everybody thought Pat Cain was Spaghetti Man, everybody thought Mike Giorgi was Captain Cone and everybody thought I was Turtle (no, not Leonardo, the ninja turtle. I mean, Turtle as in Andrew Robertson.) I haven’t figured that one out yet.

Anywho, this leads to our quote of the day. “Dude, you are totally (fill in the blank)!!” We, staff members/superheroes, denied this but the campers are pretty firm in their foundations.

A spontaneous wiffleball game/home run derby broke out on the beach during the break between classes, between Wally, John Morley and some campers. A few home runs hit by Wally and John Morley were enough to fend off a rally by the camper team to get the win, 6-2. One of the home run balls hit by Wally got caught in the gutter and by the rule, “If you hit it, you go get it,” (check the rulebook) so Wally had to go retrieve it.

One of the random activities of the day was a P90X workout in the Dining Hall led by Rob Lewis and Wally. It looked pretty intense so I didn’t stay around too long. Too much exercise for my blood. Others chose to play nukem during their free time, others sat at the store, still others participated in splash fights while in a boat, which I think is against the rules but I haven’t paid attention to a swim test in years so who knows.

Tonight was Missionary Night with Josh and Kelly speaking about what it was like to live in Uganda, how they came to the decision to go to Uganda and how to follow God’s will when it comes to making a decision about becoming an overseas missionary.

Have a good night,

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  1. Sign that kid up… weight back, eyes on the ball, WHAM! Send that video to the Phillies' Milt Thompson on the art of hitting.

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