A note from President Laurie Rambo

Dear Friends,

I seldom send out mass mailings like this, but at this point we need
to cast the net wide in our appeal for help.  The roof, and
consequently, the ceiling of the retreat center at Delanco did not
winter well and is in desperate need of repair.  Some repairs were
made last year, but it wasn’t enough.  This leak and resultant mold is
limiting our ministry.

I am trying to create a group of people who could deal with this
project on May 16-17. Staff training weekend will be going on, but we
need to get this done.

If you could help in any way for any amount of time , please let me
know.  If you cannot help, please pray that God would provide the
people resources and expertise that we need  to get this job done.

Feel free to pass this request on to whoever you think might be
interested in helping.  We need many hands to get this done in a short
amount of time.

Please be in prayer about this and the ministry at Delanco this summer.


Laurie Rambo

One thought on “Roof help needed

  1. Laurie: looks like RUMC will be providing a team to help with the roof project on May 17. Not sure how many so far, but the few who have already volunteered are skilled carpenters. Question — do you need air-powered tools or do you plan on using good old fashioned hammers and nails? Also, what time do you want us to show up? Do we need to bring ladders, saw horses, power saws, etc.?

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