The Delanco Camp Coffeehouse fundraiser was held last Saturday night. It was well attended and we were very blessed by the music and fellowship shared that evening.  I’d like to take the opportunity to thank those who put the evening together Karen Corliss, Andrea Buzby, Patti Burns and Sue Jones. I’d also like to thank Minday Caron, Little Bo and all those who lended a hand in way to help on Sat. Also to those who donated all the yummy baked goods. Thanks to Linda McNee for the use of her sound system. Thanks you to Chuck Thornley for being a great MC. Thanks to those who shared their testimony and to the following performers for our coffeehouse Thad MacFarland, Kate McNee, Ryan Cheeseman, Mr. Tucker, Billy Schultz, Becky Jones and her friend Addy, and Elisa Rambo. 

This event raised $416 for the good of the camp.I’m looking forward to doing this again next year.
-Linda Dugan
Check some other pictures here:

NOTE: Look for some audio recordings of the coffeehouse on the podcast coming soon. 


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