Sometimes people ask me, in not so many words, why Delanco? Why would I want to spend a week or even a weekend at a camp filled with sand, not the best of accommodations, and out in the middle of nowhere. Its really hard to explain in so many words why I am so involved at Delanco and why I push it so hard with the church I work at and all my friends. But I want to try!

Growing up in Sicklerville UMC it was a given that once you were old enough you spent a week at Delanco Camp. From my first year as a Junior Camper with Calvin Cobb as my dean I was hooked. I looked forward to going to Delanco every summer. I hated the drive there though. It was such a long 45 minute drive but boredom turned to joy the moment the paved road turned into dirt. Year after year I would return to Delanco and have an absolute blast with my friends. The older I got the more I was able to also grow in my relationship with God. Many decisions and commitments have been made kneeling at the old wooden altar there in the tabernacle. God has worked in my life summer after summer that I some how got to a place where if I wasn’t at Delanco at least once during the summer then the summer felt incomplete.

Years have passed since I have been a camper and I’ve gotten to the point where I can now give back to Delanco. I tell people that while God was just using Delanco to work on my life that I feel a sense of obligation to give back to Delanco as much as I can. Knowing how much God works through the ministry of the camp leaves me with a passion to see that work continue for years to come. Whether its through money, time, or some other way I always want to be somehow helping the ministry of Delanco Camp continue. God receives all the glory for what has taken place through Delanco Camp and I pray many more will be blessed through the ministry of Delanco Camp.

So what about you? Why Delanco?

– Josh Hallahan

2 thoughts on “Why Delanco?

  1. Why Delanco? That’s a question that has asked of me frequently. Once my friend, who goes to Malaga, asked me, “Why do you choose Delanco over Malaga?”. I thought long and hard about this because God is apparent at both places. I thought about it and responded by saying, “The memories.” and proceeded by telling her some of my stories of serving on Permanent Staff, weekly staff and being a camper. Memories and the friendships made at Delanco has separated Delanco, from equally as spiritual camps, like Malaga.

  2. Why Delanco? Isn’t that where the camp started? Just kidding.

    Well said, Josh. It’s great to see how much you have given and continue to give back to the ministry. It’s still kind of strange that we are the ones in leadership at Delanco allowing God to use us to hopefully inspire the next generation to answer the call He has on their lives.

    That saying standing on the shoulders of giants comes to mind.

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