Debuting at Jr. High 2 in late July, the Tina Crossley-designed Wompus shirts quickly became a huge hit at camp over the summer.

To date, more than 60 of the shirts have been sold, raising close to $400 for the camp.

Another order of shirts has just arrived from our friends at Unleashed Designs in Broken Arrow, Okla. so if you pre-ordered one they are on the way (Thanks for being patient).

If you haven’t gotten one, they are $12 postage paid.

E-mail me to place your order or for more details. We have shirts available in adult small, medium, large, extra-large and double extra large.

In related Wompus news, stay tuned for the upcoming podcast to hear an interesting story about Sarah Munroe and her Wompus shirt and information about how you can win yourself a free one.

-Matt Ralph

2 thoughts on “Seeing green

  1. Wompus!!! I received news of these shirts from my cousin last night and had to search to see if it was true. I remember when this abnormally large snapping turtle was alive and was dubbed Wompus during a Dobbins Methodist Church camp outing many years ago (16 years ago???) . How funny to see him on a t-shirt. Love to hear the story behind the t-shirt idea. Is he now a camp legend???

    Kind Regards,

    Joe B

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