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The pilot episode of the Delanco Podcast has been completed.

Be sure to subscribe to the podcast on iTunes and tune in monthly for new episodes.

On the first episode you’ll find:

Music by Alex Younger

A top 10 list by Ashley Donegan

Word of the Podcast by Faith Ralph

And more

Tune in and contact us at matt.ralph@delanco.org with your music requests, ideas and programming suggestions.

Episode 1

2 thoughts on “Delanco Podcast

  1. Yes, there is a way to do that.

    We’ve had a bit of technical difficulties getting the actual audio file uploaded, and it will (hopefully) be done today.

    When the upload has been done, allegedly, the software we’re using here will put a little play button in the posts tagged as “Podcast”, that have an audio file attached.

    Otherwise, if you’re using something else as a podcatcher, you can grab the RSS link in the upper right corner for the Podcast and drop that into your podcatcher of choice.

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