Last night’s game had the campers teaming up and running around outside trying to get note cards from staff members. The staff members had the campers singing, dancing and forming pyramids before they gave out the note cards. I heard that one of the lifeguards had one team carry him in a chair from one end of the beach to the other, and after they were done, he made them do the hokey pokey. The team thought he was a participating staff member, so they did everything he asked of them only to find out that all of it was just for his amusement. The lifeguard thought it was hilarious, but the team didn’t feel the same way. Kerri’s team won again. They got all of the note cards and put them in the right order to form Romans 10:9 which is part of this week’s theme.

Today was the sleep-in day. The campers went to chapel this morning, as usual. They played games and earned points in a dance challenge; the girls are winning, but the boys are catching up. The worship band got many requests for the song “Days of Elijah,” so they played it this morning, while all the campers did the hand motions that go with the song. The campers also listened to Bill Ashe share about his mission trip to Japan. He told the campers some interesting facts, such as how Japanese people eat some different foods from us, but they still have the same cereals and sodas that we have.

Instead of going to classes after chapel, the campers were told to go to the soccer field for a big surprise. The deans had three fun stations set up and the campers were split up into three groups so everybody would get a turn at each station. One station had an inflatable soccer game, which was similar to ski-ball in that you had to get the soccer balls in the different holes. A volleyball net was set up for each group to split in half and play against each other. The campers liked the water slide the best; at the end, the deans let them go to whichever station they wanted. All the campers crowded around the water slide excited to get their turn to go on it again. Overall, I think the surprise was a big success and I’m sure the campers and the staff would agree.

Lunch was set up out at the pavilion behind the girls’ cabins. An array of assorted hoagies, macaroni salad, potato salad, and various fresh-baked cookies awaited the campers. After lunch, the stations remained standing so the campers could play on them at free time; the campers were excited to get back on the water slide! Every kid that went down the slide made a wave of water at the bottom and everyone standing near the slide kept getting wet. Watching the campers enjoy themselves made me wish I could turn back time and be their age again.

See more photos at the Middler Camp Picasa page.

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