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Our Megatron Madness of the day was a corn eating competition. The lucky competitor (yes, they’re pretty lucky when you’ve seen what I’ve seen over the past few years, like a McDonald’s smoothie, complete with French fries and Big Mac) had to choose a friend to challenge him in the competition. The winner got a $2 gift certificate to the camp store. The boy who had Megatron this morning, won the competition and the gift certificate. Be sure to check back (because I and everybody else will sure be checking ours) with us for more Megatron Madness (triple alliteration score!) tomorrow.

Our planned recreation of the afternoon was an obstacle course. But not just any obstacle course, in this one you could get pelted with sponges. The idea was for the participants to run over a slippery tarp, run through some tires, complete a slalom run, and hula hoop across the finish line. At the finish line, there were some prizes, you were to pick one up and then run it back to the starting line. If you did that without getting pelted, your team got the points. If you got hit, you had to drop the prize and go back to your team empty handed. Let’s just say, it was entertaining watching the guys hula hoop. I can say this because I, myself, am quite terrible at that sport, if you can call it one.

Franco spoke about love and forgiveness, keeping with the same reference verses from the past two nights (1st Timothy 4:12 and Ephesians 4). His two points of emphasis were “Are you forgiven?” and “Are you forgiving?”

The night game is a Lost themed night game. So it’ll be a game with a open ended and slightly confusing ending. Campers will break off into their prayer groups and they’ll be given a number. They will have to find the other team that has their number, collect some fire, water and shelter and then make it to the pavillion. First team that does this, wins.


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