A flaw in the 'Putting someone in the tires' strategy, you can't defend yourself and are easily pushed over.

Our Megatron Madness of the day was the dreaded Happy Shake. Yeah, that McDonald’s challenge that I reminisced about yesterday (nods head in fear and respect for the Happy Shake). Let’s put it this way, there was a trash can nearby for any potential puking. The contents of the Happy Shake are as follows; cheeseburger, apple slices, sweet tea and fries. It wasn’t successfully completed by our first challenger and it was eventually passed through six people before Bill Richie chugged the remnants.

We got video of the challenge so check back for it.

Our planned recreation for the day was Tire Pull. In the middle of the soccer field was a mound of about 30 tires. The objective of the game was to grab as many tires as you could and pull them back to your team’s base. Only problem is that it was a timed game and only a finite number of tires. So, once all the tires in the middle were gone. One could steal them from other teams. A somewhat violent game of strategy, offense and defense but no injuries took place.

After Tire Pull, everyone ran back to the beach to get the sand out of the shorts, shirts and other garments. Then a game of Extreme Dodgeball (see post about doing everything to the extreme here at camp.) took place. One team stood in the shallow end of the beach, the other stood on the dock. Normal dodgeball rules were played by from this point forward.

Franco spoke about faith and how we are to have faith in God. References verses are Hebrews 11:1 and Ephesians 4.

Our night game involves live mice and worms, Old McDonald, farm animals and slightly weird costumes. I’m excited.


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  1. it sounds like u guys r having a great time, i wish i was playing with u all!!!! hope the rest of ur week is just as great!!! G-d bless u all!!!! oh, and i miss my son,,bad! at least i know he is in great hands, thanks for that!!! hav fun!!!

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