Our Megatron Madness for the day was a game of Baggo. But not your ordinary game of Baggo, this game involved our holder of the Megatron picking a friend, lying down on the floor with a trash bag over top of him and getting food thrown at a cup lying on his stomach. Our contestants, Emily Heckman and Doug Pettit, hurled the food at them in an attempt to get it in the cup.

Instead of classes today, we had breakout sessions, which contrary to popular belief, is not a bunch of teenagers talking about their acne. We split the camp into two large groups, boys and girls, and sent them off to different areas of the camp to learn about prayer and faith. An interesting take as opposed to the normal schedule.

Our planned recreation for the day is a slip n’ slide taking place on the soccer field. Not only is it but at the end is a 4 foot deep mud pit that everyone will slide into. It was entertaining to watch the reactions on people’s faces when the ground was no longer beneath them and they dropped into the mud. Duck Duck Wham also took place for a little while too before everyone ran into the lake to rinse off.

Tonight, Franco spoke about purity/holiness and how we as Christians are to live a pure and holy life like Jesus did. Reference verses are Ephesians 4, 1st Timothy 4:12.

We’ll be playing some indoor game tonight and then having a reflection time with a bonfire at the fire ring to close out the week.
Thanks for letting your kids join us this week; they’ve been a blast!


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