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One of the big things that Tenth Avenue North brings to the camp is a clothespin. Yesterday, for morning chapel, they reintroduced the game where you pass a clothespin to an unsuspecting victim and if you get caught with said clothespin on your clothing by the next morning’s chapel, you get to do something strange and wonderful in front of everybody. Today, Nate, our unwilling recipient of the clothespin, had to do an interpretative robotic dance.

In years past, the clothespin was called “Scott,” “Baby James” and some other names, but this year, we’re calling it Megatron, which is covered with foil and has evil eyes because, as Tenth Avenue North’s techno song to introduce Megatron states, “he is here to destroy the world.” Bring it, Megatron, bring it. Remember, while in your quest of ultimate failure the aliens in Independence Day tried to destroy the Earth too and they failed. Food for thought.

Planned recreation was absolutely insane. There were two games of kickball taking place at the same time at opposite ends of the soccer field. The rules were that once you got to base, you could run as far as you want and as many people could be on a base at a time. But, you could run around the bases as many times as you wanted. For example, if the ball was kicked into the woods behind the soccer field and it took them 20 minutes to get the ball back onto the field of play, you could keep running for those 20 minutes and score about 40 times by that time ended. The final score for each game was astronomically high, too high to count.

Franco spoke about life, how we should live a life of Christ and not just a life of trying to not sin. While Christ was/is blameless, we are not and that is a perfection we can’t achieve until we are reunited with God. Our reference verse is Ephesians 4:1-3.

Tonight, our night game is the Delanco’s Got Even More Totally Whacked Out Talent. So, we’ll be able to report on how much “totally whacked out talent” your kids may have.

Sorry for the lack of pictures. Our internet’s not feeling up to the task of uploading.


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