I never had a favorite day until I started working at Delanco; it all started one Tuesday night after snack. Closing announcements were being made, campers were being dismissed, and one final reminder was stated, “tomorrow morning is sleep in day, remember that breakfast starts an hour later, enjoy the extra sleep!”

Most weeks of camp, Wednesday is a different schedule and we all sleep in, have a break from classes, and it is a more relaxed morning. This has become my absolute favorite morning at camp because it is a chance to breathe from the daily routine, catch a few more “Zs,” and enjoy some low-key activities.


This morning at Teen Camp, we spent our Wednesday doing two service projects, praying for the brokenness found in the world today, and doing personal reflections about the week, year, or whatever else God laid on your heart. I had the privilege of walking around and watching campers work to make camp look nicer by rebuilding the basketball court, working by the pavilion/chapel by the stream, writing out their prayer for the world, and taking alone time to be with God. It was incredible to see the way the campers and staff responded to each station; if they were physically working, everyone took part and gave 100 percent, if it was the prayer station, they wrote their prayer on a piece of paper and hung it in the tent, and for personal reflection, each camper/staff took time to listen to God and respond to His voice.


Here at camp, sleep-in-day is my favorite because it reminds me that we all need to rest. Even Jesus rested after creation and it is neat to follow His footsteps and take time to rest and give back.

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