A common theme I have noticed since being at camp is each week the campers love to worship. It does not matter where they are or what they are doing, the campers and staff love to simply worship. This week in particular though, I constantly am seeing multiple guitars, trashcan drums, and several kids sitting around in circles worshiping.

Every morning there is a gathering around the flagpole and the day begins with singing songs to our Heavenly Father and starting the day focusing our eyes upward. The coolest aspect of this is it is optional for the campers. Morning worship at the flagpole is not required as a camp activity, yet most, if not all the campers wake up for this event and they all help to lead it.

It has been encouraging and truly inspiring to watch numerous teens opting to have impromptu worship sessions over playing games or going swimming. There are not many times I have seen this many teenagers long to spend their peers and sit at the foot of the cross in awe of Christ.