Name: Mindy  Caron

Nickname: Mindrid, Min-Day

Years on permanent staff: Two

Years attending Delanco Camp: Six

Age: 21
Hometown: Waretown
High school/college/graduate school/seminary: Southern Regional High School Graduate 2005 
Home church: Lord Of Lords Bible Community Church
Favorite music: Christian and country
Favorite movies: Passion Of the Christ
Favorite sports teams: New York Mets, New Jersey Nets, Minnesota Vikings
Favorite Delanco Camp memory: There are so many different camp memories I can but down here. But I’m going say that my best memory would have to be last summer when I conquered my fear of heights.
Bible verse you think speaks most to where you are right now: Philippians 4:13
Do you have a hidden talent? It’s not too hidden but I bowl alot. My highest game ever right now is a 288.
When did you become a Christian? At a retreat in 2002 after hearing a message from Reggie Dabbs.
What made you want to work at camp this summer? I wanted to work at this camp this summer because its the one place other then my house that when I walk on the grounds that I am home.
What are you looking forward to most this summer? I’m Looking forward to seeing all the exciting things the Lord has in store for the entire camp this summer.
Name something unique about you that didn’t come up in your permanent staff interview: In 2005, I was in a bowling league and qualified for the Pepsi Regional Tournament. I placed first place in the regional tournament out of 35 girls. That qualified me for an international tournament, which was held in Indianapolis. This tournament was a two-day event where I met people from all over the world there was three other people representing New Jersey, but I was the only girl. After the first round, I was in 11th place but my first game was a 265 which had me in first place for highest game. In closing, I was the only girl representing new jersey I finished in 22nd place out of 42 people but i didn’t leave there empty handed I did get the plague for having the highest game. I placed the best out of all the representatives of New Jersey.

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