RogersAs the official start of the Delanco Camp summer nears, we thought we’d like to get to know the staff just a little bit better. Here are some questions, ranging from goofy to informative, we have asked the staff. Enjoy! Last but not least is Rachel Rogers, our communications intern this summer.

Name: Rachel Rogers
Job on staff this summer: communication intern
Years attending camp: 2001-2010
Years on summer staff: 2011-2013
High school, college and/or seminary: University of Charleston
Home church: Tabernacle United Methodist, Tabernacle NJ
Favorite Delanco Camp memory: first time seeing Tenth Ave in 2004
If you had to choose one thing to complete from your bucket list right now, what would you choose? Live on a tropical island, not work, live off the land, and spend all my time outside
If you could travel to any era in history, which would you travel to and why? 1912 to see the Titanic in all her glory and be a part of the prospering generation before the Great Depression
If you had the power to transform yourself into an animal, which would you choose and why? Sea turtle, they live so long and get to spend their lives in warm oceans and on the beach
When you were growing up, what household chore did you absolutely loathe? Cleaning my room
Name a Bible verse that speaks most to where you in life at this point in time: James 1:2-3 Consider it pure joy, my brothers, when facing trials of many kinds for you know that the testing of your faith develops perseverance.

Briefly explain to us your testimony. I was raised in a Christian home, church every week, both parents Sunday school teachers and mom a youth group leader. In 2001 I started going to Delanco Camp and in July of 2004 I was saved at camp. In the years since I have had my ups and downs but continued going to camp every summer trying to keep on that spiritual high growing in my faith. In 2011 I went to Greater New Jersey Annual Conference and felt the call to ministry. I spent a year trying to figure out what to do about my calling. I switched schools and got in connection with a great Deacon of the UMC. After a lot of consideration I have decided to go to seminary after my undergrad and pursue ministry with a focus in youth.

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