CaitlinAs the official start of the Delanco Camp summer nears, we thought we’d like to get to know the staff just a little bit better. Here are some questions, ranging from goofy to informative, we have asked the staff. Enjoy! Next is Caitlin Pettit, our assistant cook for the summer.

Name: Caitlin Pettit

Nickname: Caiti P, 57

Job on staff this summer: assistant cook

Years attending camp: 17

Years on summer staff: 5

High school, college and/or seminary: Millville Senior High School, Cumberland County College, Thomas Edison State College

Home church: Wellspring Church

Favorite Delanco Camp memory: late night hang out nights with Tenth Ave, specifically when Katey Bartie was teaching them step.

If you had to choose one thing to complete from your bucket list right now, what would you choose? Opening my own Christian preschool.

If you could travel to any era in history, which would you travel to and why? I would like to go back to the Garden of Eden with the knowledge I have now. Not to change things, but just to talk face to face with God about what is going on now.

If you had the power to transform yourself into an animal, which would you choose and why? I would want to be a a dog because they are practically humans with fur.

When you were growing up, what household chore did you absolutely loathe? Putting my clothes away. To this day that is the chore I still hate.

Name a Bible verse that speaks most to where you in life at this point in time: “For they intended to harm you, but God intended it for good, for what is now being accomplished the saving of many lives.” Genesis 50:20

Briefly explain to us your testimony: Grew up in a home that went to church, but that was the extent of our Christian experience. It was at camp at nine years old that I learned that God wants a personal relationship with me and accepted him as savior. Since then I have tried to live my life for Him but have hit rocky parts along the way. The good news is that even in those rocky times God was still there and he has redeemed my life.

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