LoganAs the official start of the Delanco Camp summer nears, we thought we’d like to get to know the staff just a little bit better. Here are some questions, ranging from goofy to informative, we have asked the staff. Enjoy! Next is Logan Amico, another lifeguard for the summer.

Name: Logan Amico
Nickname: Amico
Job on staff this summer: Lifeguard
Years attending camp: 7 years at camp
Years on summer staff: 1st year
High school, college and/or seminary: Fishburne military school
Home church: Olivet Methodist church
Favorite Delanco Camp memory: Trying to shake and bake Geraldo
If you had to choose one thing to complete from your bucket list right now, what would you choose? I would travel around the world and visit each country.

If you could travel to any era in history, which would you travel to and why? I would travel back to the 1980s so I could understand how my parents feel about the present.
If you had the power to transform yourself into an animal, which would you choose and why? I would be a dog cause they get the easy, fun-loving life.
When you were growing u, what household chore did you absolutely loathe? Carrying the wood to the house for the fire place.

Name a Bible verse that speaks most to where you are in life at this point in time. My verse would be all of Job because no matter what I go through I will still follow God.

Briefly explain to us your testimony. I grew up in a makeshift Christian home. We all followed Christ but no one was a Jesus freak. I truly found Christ at camp and started to love and follow Christ. I began lots of volunteer work and did a whole lot with my church. Once I got to high school, doubt got into my mind and I questioned the existence of God. I hate not knowing and feeling alone. When I thought of God, I asked, “Is he really here?”, and my faith just withered away. It wasn’t that something bad had happened to me and God did fix it. t was just me questioning reality and God. Even now my faith is still weak, I hope I can quickly restore.

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  1. Amico, I know for myself how difficult it is to hold on to faith as a young adult, especially in the world today. It is not a bad thing that you questioned, for now your faith is real. It is YOUR faith, not just something you inherited from your parents, or something you were brainwashed into believing. You may feel that your faith is weak now. I think all of us feel that way from time to time. Trust God to strengthen that seed and make it grow into a mighty oak. Maybe even a seqouia tree. You are living for God and serving Him right now. Expect the unexpected. Expect impossible things. Expect miracles. And expect that God will reveal Himself to you. He loves to do that, as much as He loves you.

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