Deuteronomy 8:1-10

What is a command? This word has been used in so many ways that I think we have maybe lost what it truly means to keep God’s commands. In military terms, a command is something you must obey with no questions asked. This is often because people’s lives are at stake. The safety of others and the peace of our nation often depend on you obeying one command.

Recently, a member of our church returned from Afghanistan where he had been serving with the Army. He tells a story of how a mission was successful because in part, he did his job well. He was assigned to clean the guns and weapons on a helicopter that was then used in a rescue mission. It was a success because he cleaned the guns properly and therefore they worked properly when the Army needed them.

In scripture, commands are often like this as well. When we follow them correctly, our mission succeeds. God gives us commands as a guideline. He loves us and knows we may not follow them directly. He also knows what positive consequences will follow if we choose to follow them correctly. We gain a reward. We gain a land flowing with milk and honey.

The Israelites had a hard time in the desert but God reminded them that if they obeyed, there was a promise. If they stayed on the track of the commandments, there would be something great waiting for them. It may have been hot, and hard, and long, but at the end, there was a land that was full of treasures for them. This is a picture of what God has for us now! As we obey His commands for our lives now, we will soon be guided to a great treasure.

It’s like Disneyworld. You go anticipating this great place and you know it is going to be glorious to just ride Space Mountain. There are however, some “commands” you have to follow first. You must first get to Disneyworld, then purchase an entrance ticket, then, once you are in, you still need to find the ride and wait in line. Once you get to the front of the line, there are still some requirements. You must be a certain height and in good health, not pregnant. You have met all of these and then you finally get in the ride. Now you have to put on your seat belt and wait for all the others to load. Once all of these requirements are met, you can then have the ride of your life!

This is so similar to our walk with the Lord. It can be the ride of your life if you let it be. God knows that there are costs to pay, roads to travel, and steps to take but isn’t it sooooo worth it?

The next time you think that a requirement or a part of your journey may seem ridiculous or even hard, remember that these are all steps leading you to the ride of your life!

Tricia (Vandevaarst) Short lives in Arizona where she serves in ministry with her husband, Paul (check out Unseen Ministries). A New Jersey native, she attended Delanco Camp as a teenager.

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