A month after reaching a new all-time high in searches in one month, we managed to top 2,000 searches again for the second time and push past the 10,000 mark for the year in September. Our total searches for the month came in at 2,068, which means we earned more than $20 for the camp just by doing what many of us already do a lot online anyway – search.

An additional $11.27 was earned through shopping online with Goodshop and $2.27 came in from GoodDining, which might just be the easiest of the Goodsearch properties to use. Once you register your credit card it automatically sends a donation when you dine at participating restaurants and will give you a bonus donation for writing a review. If you haven’t signed up yet, what are you waiting for?

The total for September was $34.16, which is our third highest monthly total for 2012.

Let’s see if we can’t top 2,000 searches and beat our highest earning month of 2012 ($51 in March) in the month of October.

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