Our initial post in a new series we’re starting on the blog. Gianna Lubanski, a camper at teen camp this past summer, has been willing to share her testimony with us. If you would like to share your testimony or what God’s been teaching you with us, email blog@delanco.org with blog testimony in the subject line.


My testimony isn’t anything real big, like many of the stories that you do hear about how people were saved. I don’t really think I was saved at first, per say. I’ve always had a sense of God and Jesus; I just never really did much about it. When my grandma got real sick, two, maybe three years ago, I didn’t think she was gonna make it. I went into a depression. No one knew I was depressed. They would say, “She will be fine”, and in response I’d say “Sure, sure. I know, I know.”

When I was alone, I would cry and beg God to keep her and He did. She stayed here but in May, she went for surgery to fix something that was messed up all those years ago. She went back to the hospital to check on the stitches. She was dehydrated, so she stayed in the hospital. She started getting sick again; everything that could have gone wrong with her did and she died. I lost my faith, didn’t care what anyone had to say about God or anything like that. I ignored it; I would yell at Him telling him, “He couldn’t have her”. He took her anyway, but when I went to Delanco this summer, I got my faith back, thanks to all the people there and of course Jesus and God speaking in my heart.

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