Hawk Nelson has been around a while. So long that I was about a freshmen in high school when they started (I graduated college last year, so a long time). They just came out with a brand new album called Made, but for longtime listeners of the band, it sounds like a completely different band because their former lead singer Jason Dunn left the band to follow a solo career (which really hasn’t been noticed at all) last year.

There is no question the old Hawk Nelson isn’t found in the new Hawk Nelson, but I think that’s exactly what they wanted. I believe they wanted to change their music and lyrics and come out with something people haven’t heard from them before. I can go into this more in a face-to-face conversation
about what I think about the new Hawk Nelson versus the old Hawk Nelson.

This week is a song from Made called “Through The Fire,” which features our very good friend Mike Donehey, who is the leader singer of Tenth Ave. Besides co-singing on the song, Mike actually helped co-write the song too. This is by far my favorite song of the album because the song has all these questions that most of us propose to God everyday or every week or every month. For example, “when will Your justice come right every wrong?” or “Why does it hurt if You love me?” We ask God these things daily sometimes, especially when we are pain. The answer, found in the song, is that He means
good for us and even though it may hurt a lot or we think He’s not on our side, He
loves us and He just keeps pullin’ us through the fire.

CD05191: Made Made
By Hawk Nelson

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