This summer’s paid staff consisted of only 5 people compared to previous years when twice as many staff members was norm. Those five people are incredibly hardworking and still manage to keep a positive attitude. Because of all their dedication to Delanco Camp and their willingness to accept in their family a snarky intern, I bring you the Champs of Summer 2012; Paid Summer Staff:

Rachel Goss

Rachel Goss often has a walkie-talkie in one hand, a paintbrush in the other, a wrench between her toes and a day planner on her head. It has been rumored that Rachel Goss once took a nap but I don’t believe it. Rachel served as the Volunteer Coordinator this summer helping to maintain a summer staff of only five paid members and many many many volunteers. She works hard and consistently and loves in the same manner.

Miles Jesuncosky
Miles this year is ‘New and Shiny’ which means he’s been the fascination of many a staffer and camper as he serves as a Lifeguard out on the new dock. However, he often doesn’t act his young age and has proved himself to be both a great worker and a person who constantly wants to go deeper spiritually. In addition to all of that, he’s also a pretty sick DJ and helps with AV equipment whenever necessary.

Caitlin Pettit
Cait has been serving a dual role this year as lifeguard and maintenance. That means she can chop wood one handed with an ax but also lazily sit in a lifeguard chair in the sand. If you hear screams of “buddy check’ or see a large pile of chick-a-pees then you know Cait is probably nearby working hard. Some of her greatest talents include power washing, laughing, looking crazy in pictures, and being able to deal with roadkill and other emergencies with a calm head.

Jon Henry
Jon Henry, because he can’t simply be called Jon, brought 13 suits to camp this year and I think he’s worn them all. When Jon Henry isn’t wearing suits, practicing theatrics or taking dance to a whole new level he’s serving as assistant cook. Jon Henry has become king at chicken patties, pretzel roll sandwiches, bleaching garbage cans and he’s done it all with one accent or another. Jon Henry deserves awards for not only doing his regular job but also regularly being called upon to use his theater degree for various skits and dramas.

Colleen “Mama” McCullough is what every cook should be like; sweet, motherly and always covered in flour. She also likes to get down to some country music and always manages to hold her tongue, although with certain kitchen staff problems it must be hard. It also helps that she has her sweet daughter here at camp volunteering by her side making desserts and smiling at people.

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