I’ve reiterated this many times, but I’m new to Delanco Camp and therefore I dont’ usually find out about the activities until they are actually happening. All week long the camper who made the ‘best bed’ were told that on Friday they would get to put shaving cream on the staff member of their choosing. Although I had heard that this was a fun tradition for both staff and campers I was completely unprepared for the full out shaving cream and whipped cream war that happened.

I’ll eventually get there but first, let me highlight that the kids did have to compete in various contests all throughout the week that were fun for the kids because this age group loves to do anything competitively and benficial to the camp environmentally speaking. For instance, one lucky camper, Justin, was able to put shaving cream on a staff member because he gathered the most grams of trash picked up from around the campus.

The ‘lucky’ chosen staff calmly sat in their chairs while the kids loomed with aerosal cans right above their heads. Other campers held onto whipped cream pies and menacingly eyed their also ‘lucky’ staff member. And then the campers were set loose. I’m not exaggerating when I say that within five minutes, the campers and staff involved were absolutely covered in shaving and whipped cream and a minute later every bystander was covered.

The kids had fun running up and hugging each other or wiping big handfuls of cream on their friends. Even I, who was holding a camera, somehow had both arms and legs covered within just a few minutes. After everyone was sufficiently covered, and trust me these kids made sure that everyone was covered, everyone runs to the lake to rinse off.

As I ran charging into the swimming area, which now had a fine line of white mess,(checking first to make sure my pockets were empty) I couldn’t help but look around and just marvel at the good times that are had here at Delanco. I know that once I finally get all the shaving cream from behind my ears I’ll finally get this smile off my face but until then, this was a great morning.

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