It didn't end nearly as painful as it looks, I promise.

Today started a tournament we here at Delanco refer to as Gotcha! Some of you know this game by some other titles but, due to the politically correct nature of our society, it was renamed. But essentially, the object of the game is simple: you have a rolled up sock, a marshmallow or something of the like and a piece of paper with someone’s name on it. Your objective is to go touch that person with your sock/marshmallow. Eventually, there will be a last man standing and that person is the winner.

Now, to throw a wrench in the system, you have to do this secretly, as in no one can see you do it. (I had a camper, Kerri, dead to rights but, Steve Tucker managed to see it happen from 25 feet away and then I got hit with a sock…) So, everyone’s walking around paranoid, trying not to get hit with a sock. It’s fun.

Throughout the day, we also played volleyball and Gaga Ball which were made all the more entertaining by Gotcha because no one is safe unless you’re at meals, the Tabernacle or classes.

I’m not really sure what Shane spoke about tonight in his sermon because I went to an FCA Benefit Concert being hosted by my friend, Emily Onorato. Thanks for the invite, Emily. I also missed the meeting about the night game, so who knows what we’re playing.

Good night,

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