My Epic Fall

In Chapel this morning, we participated in something special. We played a few songs to begin the service then the Tuckers wanted to switch it up. We did something called ACTS, standing for adoration, confession, thanksgiving and supplication.

At the adoration stage, we were told to sit in silence and listen to God. At the confession stage, we were told to trace our hand and write our prayers and concerns on that piece of paper. Whenever someone felt led, they could come over, place their hand in the outline of the other and pray for that person’s needs. At the thanksgiving stage, we were told to come kneel before God and pray. At the supplication stage, we were told to focus on the world and how God moves through it. It was a neat time.

After that we played a few rounds of Duck, Duck Doom and there were a lot of epic falls.

So the first one, I was running away after someone, slipped once, got up, slipped again, got up and tried to round a corner but, when I planted my foot into the tarp, it skidded. So, I tried to plant my other foot, it stuck. When I planted my foot into the tarp, it stopped but my body didn’t. I proceeded to fly through the air, flipping a few times before I smacked onto the ground, covered with dirt and blinded by soap. It was impressive.

The second one is a little more painful. After Duck, Duck, Molly, one of our counselors, was picked up by a few campers but, the campers slipped, so Molly slammed her head on the ground. It looked and sounded painful. She was okay and walked away after a few minutes. Just like the football players who get carted off during a game, she gave the concerned crowd a thumbs up to show that she was okay.

Shane gave us the lowdown on what prayer should be. It should be more than just talking. Prayer should also be about listening. Shane took a prayer walk some time ago and just listened, not with his ears but, just paid attention to what was happening around him. There was a father who dropped his son off at college and there was a wedding taking place at a church that he passed. Through those moments, he learned from God that there are different seasons of life.

His point for the night; prayer is the key that makes God’s work evident like, *insert innumerable stories here from the Bible or from your personal life*

Good night,

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