For all you number lovers out there (did someone say Kevin Strauch?) today’s post is for you.

See, every year I like to gather all of the registration sheets from the summer to see where everyone who came to camp, or at least registered as a camper and filled out the information properly, live and attend worship on Sunday.

Usually, the results aren’t too much of a surprise and aren’t all that different than when I was a camper. But this year the Sicklerville and Millville hold on the top spots has been broken up by Sharptown.

Sharptown Church sent more campers to camp this summer (48) than even Sicklerville UMC (41), which was a close second.

The City of Millville was still the community most represented at camp this summer with 40 campers calling the Holly city to the south home. Thirty-six campers listed Pennsville as home.

Overall, there were 100 communities represented at camp from New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland and Colorado.

Campers from last summer attend 83 different United Methodist, Nazarene, Assemblies of God, Baptist, non-denominational, Pilgrim Holiness, Alliance, Episcopal, Lutheran and house churches.

What about you? Where are you from and what is your church home?

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