This opening clip from “Race For Your Life, Charlie Brown” kicks off a new feature here on the blog called Summer Camp Culture in which we’ll be taking a look at places where summer camp has made a presence in pop culture – TV shows, movies, books and other media – and see how the pop culture depiction measures up to our own experiences at our favorite summer camp.

Race For Your Life is such a classic, it was released a year before I was born (1977). In the animated film, the Peanuts gang go to Camp Remote in the Rocky Mountains, where they take on the camp bullies (natural born cheaters that they are) in an inspiring tale of teamwork and perseverance.

I’ve never ridden a motorcycle or a bus to camp (have you?) and Lake Agape isn’t exactly a raging River Rogue (the river Charlie and his pals race down in a river raft), but we are known for our cardboard regattas.

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