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Today, we played Ultimate Frisbee. The matchups were as follows: girl staff and guy campers versus guy staff and girl campers. I’m not sure who won but I do know that there was a final score of 6-5. I always love those games that halfway through, you realize that everyone’s tired of playing and someone yells, “We’re playing to 6!”, usually it’s someone on the team that’s one point away from winning, and usually they win the game. Well, that rang true today. I’m pretty sure. This is some quality reporting, haha.

We also made tie dye shirts at the craft shop today. Apparently, it was a little insane in terms of how many people came at the beginning. According to Papa Tuck, “It was like a bridal shop half off sale.” To me that doesn’t make any sense, as I am not and will never be a bride I don’t understand the fine details that go into it but, I do understand that it is a pretty intense time and a lot of strange and wonderful things happen at these places.

A spontaneous game of Wiffle Ball took place outside the beach area. Some of the weirdest rules were made for this game, including no base running, hit the roof is a homerun, outs were recording by fielding a ball cleanly or catching the ball in the air. It was fun.
Shane spoke about Joseph and how he trusted God to the end, in times of joy and even in times of sadness and despair. God was always there with Joseph and Joseph always believed that God would deliver him from his troubles. And, by golly, He did…amazing. The God that claims to never leave our side, never does.

We’re playing Zombie Nation tonight. We hand-selected 15 girl campers to be zombies with 10 staff members. The goal is for those 25 people to turn everyone on the grounds into zombies by the end of the night. Those who don’t get caught get an incentive just like last night. A possible one was not having to clean the dorm in the morning. So, the counselors are in for a treat, if no one gets caught and they have to clean the dorm by themselves. Haha.


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