A sneak peak into what's coming.

Our planned rec of the afternoon was Wawa Man. It’s pretty much capture the flag except with the flag being a soccer ball covered in bed sheets and tackling. If you get tackled, you go to jail. If a team member tags your hand while you’re in jail, you’re free to go back to your team’s side. It’s pretty fun especially when someone gets drilled by someone twice their size, for example, Rich Dugan and myself. This confrontation never happened but, it’s good for comparison’s sake. I don’t recall anyone actually getting drilled either. There were some rough tackles but, none that made anyone cringe.

We played two games of Wawa Man, campers versus campers, with staff intermingled and staff versus campers. Both games ended in a 1-1 draw. The staff won the first game of Wawa Man, but the campers claimed that they wanted a rematch. The quick feet of Cody made true the words of their battle cry as they wanted more. The staff claimed to take it easy on them but, you can form your own opinions on that issue.

We also shot a quick music video for Party in the USA. Emily Heckman and Shane Smith led quite an impressive unplanned dance to the song.

Shane spoke about peer pressure and how we should follow Christ through the hardest times as well as the good times. His final question for the week, “Are you a crowd-pleaser or a Jesus-pleaser?” Something to think about.

Thanks for allowing your kids to be with us this week. As always, they’ve been a blast.

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