Two campers duke it out during the Jousting game

Today was Sleep-in Day, which is always a camper favorite because there are no classes and the day is focused on having fun. For this week, the local carnival came to Delanco Camp complete with Leeroy the Clown, the Shrek-inspired moon bounce, and some favorite carnival games including Fat Cats, where you throw a beanbag at a row of four cats trying to knock them over, Ball Toss, where you try to get a ball into a hole, and jousting, where you try to knock someone off of a recycling bin, using a noodle, and into the radioactive material (aka Lake Agape).

Leeroy the Clown was perfectly played by our very own Pat Cain, which leads to our quote for the day: “I’m Leeroy the Clown and I’m going to clown around your town.” This was said in a mildly creepy clown voice. I’m not typically bothered by clowns but it didn’t settle with me entirely this time. Unfortunately, campers still thought he was still the Spaghetti Man. Darn those similarities.

Campers won tickets at these games and were able to redeem them for prizes at our prize stand. Transformers, Beanie Babies, stuffed animals and even some dolls from the Wizard of Oz movie. I wanted the Cowardly Lion doll but, someone beat me to it. Haha.

The jousting competitions continued into free time with some slight variations including, my personal favorite, “Hey! Get on my shoulders and let’s have a jousting fight!” Ultimately, and wisely, this left the unprotected counselors open to taking shots the noodles because they were the base. It was quite funny to watch.

Rob, in his sermon, spoke about what Jesus came to this Earth to do. He said that Jesus came to save, forgive, cleanse, rescue and ultimately to set us free. He talked about when Paul was arrested and eventually broken out of jail by an earthquake. Just as Paul was set free by the earthquake, Jesus sets us free from our bondage.

Well, onto the night game,


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