Today was possibly the second most popular lunch of all time, pizza day. Just because the kitchen staff has pretty much free reign, inside health regulations, in terms of what they can put on their pizzas. In the past, they have had turkey day pizza, buffalo chicken as their specialties and pepperoni, cheese and plain as their regular pizzas.

Today, they had taco pizza, Texas roadhouse burger pizza, bacon pizza (my personal pizza), peppers and onions and white pizza with broccoli. It was good, enough said.

Our random quote of the day was “I have an itchy butt.” I won’t go into much more detail about it, but it was funny and a little awkward.

Rob, in his sermon, spoke about David versus Goliath. It started with a massive rock, paper, scissors mock fight between the guys (Philistines) and the ladies (Israelites). Like the biblical story, the Israelites won in this occasion. However, this was before the battle between David and Goliath so maybe there are some inaccuracies. But, all that matters is the end result, in which, David beat Goliath with a game of rock, paper, scissors and saved the nation of Israel.

Our actor playing the role of David had a little trouble hitting his marks on the stage and forgot who some characters were (i.e. Goliath and King Solomon) but, in the end, he provided the knockout punch that the Israelites needed.

We’ll be playing Bible Smugglers tonight, which for those unfamiliar with the game, is basically a game that views each team (there are nine teams) as individual missionaries in a foreign country that doesn’t accept Christianity. It’s a game with a deep meaning.

Have a good night,

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