This retreat was called “Recharge” and was all about getting recharged by God…but you don’t need Delanco to get recharged, because you can get in touch with God anywhere. 

The weekend started off a little strange…not going to dorms but rather putting our stuff in the tabernacle. As we were later informed, the boys dorm had no hot water, so where we all were staying was undecided. It worked out that all the boys were in Brown and Burrell and the girls in the Girls Dorm. Then things kicked off with a version of “Delanco Who Wants to Be a Millionaire” followed by evening service.  The speaker was Josh Hallahan and the first night was all about surrender and how we need to give ourselves over to God. After a inside night games, it was off to bed. 

Saturday morning was filled with breakfast, classes, and morning chapel. This chapel was about your personal testimony. But what made it so special was that we made “cardboard testimonies”, where on one side of a piece of paper we put what we were before Christ, then on the other side we put how Christ changed us. Then it was lunch, planned rec., free time, and dinner. 

After dinner we had prayer groups and then evening service which was about how we are filled to the measure with Christ and the Holy Spirit. After service, we went to snack and night game. Sunday morning, after breakfast, was the most intense planned rec. you can have…Wawa Man! (which is pretty much capture the flag combined with tackling). After a chapel service it was sadly time to go home.  

Retreat is a time to reconnect with friends that you haven’t seen since summer and more importantly, get reconnected and recharged by God.

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