A former summer staff member who was the pastor of two United Methodist congregations in Kentucky went home to be with the Lord last week.

Brent Arn, 46, of Hazard, Kentucky, spent one summer in 2007 working on summer staff as a chaplain and kitchen employee while he was a seminary student at Asbury Theological Seminary.

Brent had a brain aneurysm last Tuesday and died on Wednesday.

One of his parishioners remembered Brent’s warm handshakes in a local news report.

“Brent had huge hands and when you would shake his hand, my memory of that big warm handshake just immediately comes to mind! I mean his hands were so big he would just take a hold of your hand and while you were shaking hands with him you would just lose it,” said Chief Legal Officer for ARH and Bowman United Methodist Church Rick King. “You wouldn’t know where your hand was until you got it back.”

I personally remember Brent for his quiet strength and deep commitment to the Gospel and his dual role of serving in the kitchen and providing spiritual leadership and guidance to the staff. While his time at camp was limited to that one summer, his contributions to the kingdom were significant.

Please be sure to keep his wife Laura, his family and the members of the Bowman and Lothair United Methodist churches in your prayers.

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