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Yesterday was a full day here at Lake Agape! Campers played some of Uno, painted nails, had couple games of Nukem, and swam at the lake!

At service last night, we got to hear from our evangelist, Scott Bostwick, for the first time this week! He started off his message with photos of celebrities (from Lindsey Lohan to Steven Tyler) showing that how we look on the outside is not permanent, and changes with time.  In one of the classes yesterday, campers were asked to draw self portraits of themselves, and at service, some of the artwork was displayed on the screen. Scott’s whole point was that a lot of the times, as a culture, we focus on what’s on the outside.

He then asked campers why people take selfies. The answers ranged from “to look cool” to “because they like themselves” to “showing places that they’ve been” to even “try and make others jealous”. One of the more popular answers was that we take selfies because we want to show the world the best side of ourselves. We try to present ourselves in a particular light to show who want to be. Sometimes, we even do it so that we can find worth or approval from our followers. We hardly like to show the bad sides of ourselves. I mean, who really wants other people to see their “ugly” side?

But guess what? Because of God, we are created for more than looking for the validation of men. In fact, the God who hung the stars in the sky, who created the heavens and the earth, had in His mind to create you by hand. He knows the number of hairs on your head. So why do we work so hard to get the approval of our followers here, and forget about the love of God? A perfect God that loves us in our imperfectness, just the way we are.

Now, do you think of yourself as fearfully, wonderfully made? Do you believe that the God who hung the stars, took the time to handcraft you?