Today was everyone’s favorite, sleep-in day! Instead of going to classes in the morning, we ventured around camp in three groups: one went to the tabernacle, one to the craft shop, and one to the challenge course.

While at the challenge course, I was struck by the way everyone worked together and spoke words of encouragement to their group mates. One particular obstacle, Woosey, where the campers would partner off and attempt to walk on a balance beam as the beams spread farther and farther apart. Meanwhile, the rest of their team acted as spotters and were their to catch them if they fell off the beam.


As I was watching this challenge and listening to the group talk through who was walking across, who was spotting, I saw a picture of the Body of Christ. Many times in life, we are forced to walk on a beam that spreads us thin and we must rely on their friends to support and guide us through life.

In the tabernacle, the campers took the rocks that they have been writing on all week and carried them to the path by the chapel by the stream and lined the pathway with them, letting the work Christ has done this week.


At the craft shop, the campers made Mosaics and created an art piece that represented what God did in their life this week at camp.