We officially end another incredible week at camp! This week has been absolutely incredible; from the evening services, to night games, to everything in between, we all had a blast!

E-Rock and The Rippers led us in worship all week and we learned a special song in Creole, one of the official Haitian languages, led by Emily Heckman. This song became a camp favorite and everyone seemed to pick up the tune and even the words very quickly. Our evangelist, Jeremy, night after night brought the Word of God to life and challenged us to dive deeper into a relationship with Jesus Christ.

There were several lives changed this week, including my own. I found each night I was encouraged and also convicted in different aspects of my life and I think it is safe to say, the rest of the staff and all the campers feel the same way.

We also had a bunch of fun games and activities throughout the week! From a classic game of pirates, to 8-way soccer, to traveling all around camp after “the plane crash” trying to find the doctor and convince the spoilers to let you go with impeccable acting skills, every day was filled with laughter and building memories.

Here is a slideshow recapping our week together, hope you enjoy it!