The very first night of camp during service, we were introduced to a project that was going to take place all week. In the front of the stage was a pile of rocks with several sharpie markers; the instructions were simply, yet profound. As God speaks to us, camper or staff, we were to write the message on a rock and then to pile the rocks together and tangibly see throughout the week how many lives are being changed. You can go and write anytime of the day, it is not limited to service, but an on-going project throughout the day. A couple of the hopes behind this idea is to have a visual of what God is doing throughout the week at camp, but also to help us remember what God spoke to us by writing it down.

It’s Thursday afternoon and our monument is still growing each day. Watching God work each day and transform hearts is one of my favorite aspects of camp, but watching the monument grow bigger and bigger every day is simply amazing.

There is no denying God is doing big things this summer and this week at camp!