There are several things I have learned since moving out to camp. Since this is only my second summer spending any amount of time at Delanco, I had a lot to learn! Here is a fun list of random facts I have learned so far this summer:

1. Delanco feet…your feet are never clean. It does not matter how many times you shower or how hard to scrub them, they are always dirty and it is totally normal to have nasty feet

2. Hammock City is the best place at camp to take an afternoon nap

3. During Pirates, if you do not want to get wet or shake ‘n baked, stay far, far away from the beach and keep something technological on your person at all times

4. The soccer field is actually just a massive sand pit

5. Wompus is this *huge* snapping turtle and kids are obsessed with him

6. No one ever says “Tenth Avenue North,” and if you do, people look at you like you’re from Mars. Instead, it is just “Tenth Ave” or “the guys”

7. Wawa-Man is one of the funnest Planned Rec games to watch…or play

8. Pretzel Rolls are the lunch favorite

9. Sunday night snack is always referred to as “grease night”

10. Nixon’s makes the best cheesesteaks

11. Shake ‘n Bake has nothing to do with chicken or bread crumbs

12. Sleep-in day means relaxed mornings

13. You dress up for service, then immediately change back into “camp clothes” for snack and night games

14. By the end of camp, you will be able to build a sandcastle after unpacking…or two sandcastles

15. Friday afternoon at Junior Camp means “best bed” winners shaving cream their favorite staff member

16. Never say “what is that?” (example: what is a shake ‘n bake?) because you will be their next victim

17. Having a birthday at camps means you will be sung to obnoxiously many, many times

18. Camp friends are literally the best friends you will ever have

19. It does not matter if you wear a whistle and carry a radio or if you are a camper, God always meets and speaks to everyone

20. There is no other place I would rather be than here because God is everywhere and camp is an incredible place to reconnect with Him, grow in your faith, and make friends that will last a lifetime.

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