It was the hottest day of the week; the sun was high in the sky, water jugs were scattered around camp, and a waterslide was being built on the soccer field. Now, I am not talking about a couple tarps with a little water, when I say waterslide, I mean a few tarps, lots of soap, freezing cold water, and a hole about 3-4ft deep to slide into. Not only did we have a legitimate waterslide, there also was a jousting pit for campers to release energy.


The campers and staff spent all planned rec and even some of free time sliding down the tarps and jousting one another. This has probably been one of my favorite planned recs because the amount of joy and laughter that came from the soccer field that afternoon was immeasurable. We brought one of the sound systems out and blasted music and had an all around blast. Here are a few pictures of our blazing hot afternoon, cooled down by an epic waterslide and jousting pit!


Here are a few pictures of our afternoon, to find the rest of the pictures, check out our facebook page!

IMG_6922 IMG_6807 IMG_6775 IMG_6893