Every morning in chapel, we have some fun before worship and devotions; this week, we have been playing a well known game called Win, Lose, or Draw.” 




It is a battle between the boys dorms and the girls dorms and if I am completely honest, the boys have surprised us all and continuously come out on top. But, it is not just the kids competing. Each morning there are two special guests; we have had Zeke and Luther, Olaf and Elsa, Uncle Si and Willie, and Wonder Woman and Captain America.


The way the game works, for those of you who do not know, is there are two rounds, each two minutes long. It is very similar to Pictionary, the contestants take turns drawing various objects and which ever team guesses the most pictures at the end of both rounds wins! But it would not be as much fun if there was not a catch; the second round is known as the “physical challenge round.” During this round, the players have some kind of physical obstacle like: drawing blind folded, using your non dominant hand, drawing with both hands together, etc. This round is definitely more challenging, so the points are doubled and it could be anyone’s game.


Watching the campers compete is so much fun, they are enthusiastic, cheer their teammates on, and are fully involved in each game.


Which dorm will come out the Delanco Camp 2014 Win, Lose, or Draw Champion? We will find Saturday morning!IMG_6485