In today’s day and age, we spend most of our time comparing ourselves to others and wishing we were different. We have a list of “I wish,” “if only,” “why can’t I [fill in the blank]” and so on, and we believe the lies that we are worthless unless we accomplish each and every thing on our list. We believe that our acceptance is based upon what we can and cannot do, what we do or don’t look like, but that is not how God works. A camper said it best, “we know we are loved because we are an original creation.”

Yesterday in service, Miss Kristen reminded us all that we are treasures of God’s and He love and adores each and every single one of us. It doesn’t matter where we have been or what we have done, Jesus’ love extends to the ends of the earth. To conclude service, we each received four jewels and given two categories, the “All that” and the “Not All That.” Those who fell into the All That group seen themselves as being put together, they are confident in who they are, and wouldn’t really change anything about them. But those in the Not All That group could find numerous things wrong with them and simply wished they were different.

The first group, the all that, were to write their initials on one jewel and the initials of three people they feel are Not All That. Those who grouped themselves in the second group, the Not All That, were instructed to put their initials on all four jewels. After everyone was finished doing this, we all walked to the alter and placed the jewels on it, reminding ourselves that the people we wrote down, whether ourselves or others, are treasures of God’s and loved.

At the end of service, the jewels were collected and clued to a crown as a reminder that we are all treasures of the Kingdom of God.