Yesterday in morning chapel, we had a celebrity guest, Whisper. Now, Whisper is not your typical celebrity, he has four legs instead of two, loves eating grass instead of drinking coffee, and occasionally makes a “baaaaaa” sound. If you haven’t guessed it already, we brought Sarah Chambers goat to morning chapel. At first, this just seemed random and goofy, but there was a much deeper meaning to the goat. We watched a video about kids in third world countries who are literally starving and have no food. For those who don’t know, morning chapel is right after breakfast and dorm clean up, so the campers and staff came with full stomachs, making the fact of starving kids in third world countries more impactful. After watching the video, it was announced to the kids that through Heifer International, we, Middler Camp 2014, are purchasing at least one goat to send to a country in need of food and milk. The challenge, if you will, is to buy one and maybe even two goats to send off. Each goat costs approximately $120 and we have around 80 or so kids, plus an army of staff members and together, I believe we can buy at least two goats and help provide resources for families in need.

For more information about Heifer International, visit their website